We are an independent boutique consultancy specialising in advising employees and contractors on their employment rights and obligations. We do not, and will never act for, your employer, so you don’t have to worry about where our allegiance lies (some law firms act for employers, so would not necessarily be able to take your case without conflicting duties).

Importantly, we are not a law firm – but we are experts in Hong Kong employment law matters.

Our expert consultants have specialist experience in advising on all stages of your employment:

Whatever your employment issue is – we can help.

Our consultants come from a diverse range of backgrounds, with relevant professional experience both within and outside of Hong Kong, having gained extensive experience as law firm solicitors, managers, inhouse lawyers and so on.

How are we different from a law firm?

We are not a law firm, although we operate like one with a team of dedicated consultants who are specialists and experts in any area of employment, rather than solicitors. See below the benefits (and savings) you will get in choosing us.

Benefits of choosing us over a law firm
  • We act only for employees & contractors like you, and not for employers – so we have no conflicting interests or duties to your employer.
  • We can advise you even if you don’t feel comfortable telling us your your real name or your employer’s name – in fact, we’re perfectly fine if you wish to remain anonymous! (Law firms need to know all your details).
  • Your information is kept 100% confidential by us – see our Privacy Policy – and our website is securely protected and encrypted.
  • You can expect an equivalent level of service and the same professionalism as you would at a law firm – but for a fraction of the price.
  • Our fees are upfront and very reasonable – we don’t understand the concept of “going over-budget”. There is no risk having to pay excess fees of thousands of dollars per billable hour. We run a lean, efficient team of consultants and our fees reflect that.
  • We are practical, commercial and realistic – we’ll tell it to you without hiding it behind legalese or irrelevant information.
  • We don’t farm your work out to a trainee with no prior training.
  • We are nimble – tell us your main concern and we’ll advise you quickly on just that point, rather than going into your full history. We are forward-thinkers and won’t waste your time.
  • Our response times are clearly listed for your chosen service – you don’t need to wait a week for us to clear conflicts, run KYC checks or other administrative overhead.
Limitations of choosing us over a law firm
  • We do not, and we do not pretend to, give you legal advice. (This doesn’t mean the advice we give you is wrong, in fact, we take a practical and commercial approach!)
  • We are consultants – we do not act for you in the capacity of a solicitor.
  • We cannot act for you on certain things like going to court, but we can assist you in the background.
  • What you tell us, and our advice to you, may not be protected by legal professional privilege (that is, our communications may not be exempt from disclosure under a valid court order). However, we undertake to keep your information absolutely confidential in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • Solicitors are professionally regulated and are required to hold minimum levels of professional indemnity insurance – however, we voluntarily hold ourselves to the same standard of professionalism, but without the downside of regulatory restrictions.
  • If your employer is represented by a solicitor, you may appear to be disadvantaged without equivalent legal representation.

If you wish to seek independent legal advice from a solicitor or law firm, we would be happy to recommend some contacts to you.

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