The Employment Ordinance in Hong Kong considers wages to include all remuneration, earnings, allowances expressed or capable of being express in money terms, and which are paid to an employee for work done or to be done under an employment contract.   It includes allowances such as commission, travel allowances and housing allowances.  In addition, overtime pay is also included within the definition of wages.  Consider also if your “wage” is above the minimum wage.

It is important to understand what your actual wage is, because it could very well be different from what is specified in your employment contract as your monthly salary.  All your entitlements such as severance payments, long service payments, holiday pay, annual leave pay, payment in lieu of notice and so on are often calculated by reference to your “wage”.

Wages are due to employees on the last day of the wage period (e.g. monthly wages are due on the last day of each month), and should be paid within seven days after the end of the wage period.  If your employer does not pay your wage on time, interest may also accrue on the outstanding wages.

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