All foreigners intending to work in Hong Kong require work visas prior to gaining employment in Hong Kong. The employer would normally be the Hong Kong sponsor supporting the potential employee’s application for a work visa.  Work visas are generally obtained from embassies in the country of residence of the potential employee prior to arrival in Hong Kong.  The Hong Kong sponsor may also apply to the Hong Kong Immigration Department on the employee’s for such visa.

One of the key difficulties is that a supporting letter is required from the Hong Kong sponsor to explain to the Immigration Department a valid reason for hiring a non-local employee and why such position cannot be fulfilled by a Hong Kong resident.

Generally speaking, it is sufficient to demonstrate that applicants possess a specialised skill or highly relevant experience which is not otherwise readily available in Hong Kong.  Work visas are usually granted for two years, and can be renewed for three year periods subsequently.  We are able to assist you in working through the procedural difficulties in getting a Hong Kong visa.

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