Can you be forced to take no paid / unpaid leave due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Can you be forced to turn up to work?  Can you elect to work from home or remotely from overseas?

We can review your circumstances and your employment contract and advise you if what your employer is doing is legal and what your rights are.

Unfairly or wrongfully dismissed due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

You may be able to claim unfair dismissal if you have terminated while sick or pregnant.  A successful unfair dismissal claim may lead to a compensation award from the Hong Kong Labour Tribunal.  A discrimination claim may also be filed (e.g. on the grounds of discrimination due to illness, pregnancy, sex/gender, marital status, disability, race and so on).

Has your employer paid your termination payments correctly?

You may be entitled to severance pay, long service pay if you are terminated, laid off or made redundant due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Your employer must also pay all your accrued leave, wages and any expected bonus payments.  We can make sure you get your entitled payments.

Employer going bust / insolvent due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

In case of your employer’s insolvency, your wages and other employment entitlements are protected and given priority over the claims of your employer’s unsecured creditors.  You may also receive ex-gratia payments from the Protection of Wages on Insolvency Fund.  We can help you in this stressful time – speak to us today.

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