The Minimum Wage Ordinance provides for a minimum level of wages payable to all Hong Kong employees.  The minimum wage applies to all employees – permanent, casual, part-time and full-time, and whether you are paid monthly, daily or hourly – provided you are an employee protected by the Employment Ordinance (note that there are exceptions).  Your employer cannot exclude their liability to pay you at least your minimum wage. The Ordinance provides that wages paid to an employee in any wage period shall not be less than the prevailing Statutory Minimum Wage rate (which is subject to revision from time to time) for the same period.  However, the difficulty and source of dispute is often in calculating the hours worked in a wage period (e.g. do breaks and rest days count?) – this is where we can provide you with clarity.  If it turns out you have been paid less than the minimum wage, we can help you recover the difference.

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