An employer may terminate your employment in accordance with the employment contract and the Employment Ordinance.  The Employment Ordinance provides that:

  • during probation, you may be terminated at any time without notice during your first month of employment, and thereafter, with seven days of notice of termination;
  • at all other times, you may be terminated with at least seven days notice of termination (unless your employment contract provides for a longer period), or alternatively, one month notice of termination if your contract does not specify any period of minimum notice of termination.

Instead of providing notice of termination, your employer may also choose to terminate your employment without notice if they agree to pay you wages for your period of notice (had you served such notice).  This is called payment in lieu of notice.

However, your employment contract may provide more stringent requirements on termination.  Let us review your contract and give you our view on whether you have been given sufficient notice of termination.

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