Female employees are entitled to at least 10 weeks of paid maternity leave of ten weeks (or as provided by the employer, if the employer provides for more favourable terms).  During maternity leave, pay is calculated at the rate of 4/5ths of the average daily wage during the immediately preceding year.   Male employees are entitled to 3 days of paid paternity leave.  Like maternity leave pay, paternity leave pay is calculated at a daily rate at the rate of 4/5ths of the average daily wage during the immediately preceding year.

Entitlement to maternity leave and paternity leave will generally depend on whether the employee has worked for at least 40 weeks continuously prior to taking such leave.  While paternity leave is relatively simple to calculate, maternity leave is much more difficult and employers tend to minimise their liability in this respect as much as possible – we can assist you in fighting for your maternity leave and pay entitlements.

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