You may be entitled to bonuses (also known as double pay, end of year payment or 13th month payment) depending on the terms of your employment contract.  A bonus which is stipulated in your employment contract may be a contractual bonus, or a discretionary bonus.  Under Hong Kong law, there is a general presumption that a bonus is not of a discretionary unless your employment contract expressly provides otherwise.  Even if you have been dismissed or terminated by your employer, you may still be eligible for a pro rata bonus payment. Speak to us today to see if your employment contract guarantees your right to an annual bonus payment!  We can also help you work out your rightful entitlement to bonuses where the calculations are unclear or you believe your employer has under-allocated your bonus.

Even if you employment contract only provides for a discretionary bonus, it is possible that you may be able to claim at least a reasonable amount of bonus (e.g. based on your performance or your employer’s business performance), rather than none.  We can help you with this.

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